“I don’t feel like an actor, because our music is a part of me” – interview with DARK FORTRESS


DARK FORTRESS – is a band not disadvantaged by attention of fans and music publications. Each new album of the band is good in its own way, generously enveloping the listener into deep darkness and plunging into the depths of the occult atmosphere. In addition, DARK FORTRESS is one of the few bands that manage to combine professionalism with a refined technique, and at the same time not to sink to overtly commercial sound. These gloomy guys not only can preserve the pristine power of black metal, but have a talent to interpret it as they please. Because the break between albums delayed, since last release was released in 2010, I decided to find out what is going on in the dark chambers of DARK FORTRESS. In touch with me V.Santura – guitarist and, to date, the main songwriter of the band.  

Hi! The latest Dark Fortress album called „Ylem” was released in 2010. Long ago… As far as I know, work on the new album has already started. When can we expect an album? And tell us the latest Dark Fortress news.

Yeah, long ago already, that’s kind of true, at least we’ve never had such a long distance between two albums. But we have a quite big back catalog already, so I guess it is OK to have a little longer break between two releases this time. Czytaj dalej