“I have more than ever become estranged from the “common” world” – interview with AGALLOCH


The desire to do an interview with AGALLOCH came to me quite suddenly during successive listening of the entire discography of this outstanding band. And despite the fact that AGALLOCH is not very accessible for press, the problem was solved with surprising ease. Carlos Castaneda wrote: „the path that has heart, is always easy”. And if for some reason you are not familiar with the specific music of this original band, with its own unique style and an unique sound, now is the time to correct this oversight. The ability to listen (and hear) in this case is to be welcomed. Well, I suggest to our readers interview with John Haughm (vocals, guitar) – the founder and primary author of AGALLOCH’s music and lyrics.


The first question, as usual, on duty and routine, but nowhere to hide from this question. So, what’s new in life of Agalloch, what is the most current news for today?

The most current news is that we’ve played our last gigs of 2012 and we are in full writing mode over the Winter. Czytaj dalej

GALLILEOUS – Necrocosmos

Gallileous-Necrocosmos1. Necrocosmos
2. Fractal Dimension
3. Time Traveler
4. X-Rayed By Stars
5. Cosmic Pilgrims

Doom metal w naszym pięknym kraju ma wielu zwolenników, choć szczerze powiedziawszy przedstawicieli grających w naszym zaścianku nie znam zbyt dużo. A najlepiej pamiętam to co kombinowali Nightly Gale i Gallileous właśnie. Miło, że wciąż im się chce. I to z ciekawym skutkiem. Czytaj dalej